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European Space Qualified Carbon Fibres and Pre-impregnated Based Materials



EUCARBON project aims to overcome the present recognized needs of European made space qualified carbon fibre and prepreg materials. These materials are building blocks for technological innovation in Space research. Presently, aerospace qualified carbon fibre is either produced outside Europe or produced in Europe under foreign countries supervision by only one source. This issue weakens European competitiveness in Space, mainly related to the increased delivery lead times and costs. Therefore, the possibility for Europe to have free, unrestricted access to these materials requires their development in European facilities under European supervision.

The following developments will result from the project:

-     High and ultrahigh modulus carbon fibres to be produced in Europe by a European manufacturer

-     Space qualified pre-impregnated materials involving the developed carbon fibres and epoxy resins doped with carbon nanotubes. These novel materials will address one of the main issues linked to use of carbon fibres composites in space applications: their low thermal and electrical conductivity.

The above technologies will be demonstrated with the conception, production and testing of demonstrator parts for use as satellites and launchers components. EUCARBON will also provide raw-materials for other strategic sectors of industry in Europe like: aircraft, automotive, and others. 

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9 - 10, July of 2013
1st Review Meeting
14, December of 2012
Second Progress Meeting
27, April of 2012
First Progress Meeting
15, December of 2011
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